Excavation Equipment Booms

Biomass Gasification Equipment

Complete production of biomass gasification island - gasification reactor, cyclones for purification of synthetic gas, filters and stacks

Coal Burners

Many years of experience in the production of burners for industrial coal-fired boilers

Production of industrial fans

Specialized production of housings and rotors for industrial fans

Steel Bridges and Supporting Steel Structures

Metalik AD performs complete engineering, production, anti-corrosion protection and installation of steel structures for infrastructure projects

Flue-Gas Desulphurization Installations

Over the years Metalik AD participated in the production and installation of a number of FGD installations both in Bulgaria and abroad.


Some of the company's CNC machining equipment:
Mazak Integrex , Mazak HC Nexus 5000, Mazak HC Nexus 4000, Mazak VC Nexus 510C, Tessen Mill- 5 осов- 3 800 x 1 000mm, CNC Boring Machine BL 4024FM, Vertical centre Goodway GV 1200, Vertical centre Goodway GV 2500, FPT Ronin

Warehouse and Storage Areas

The area of the warehouse is about 5,000 sq.m. as half of which are covered. All incoming materials are received with certificates and are stored with a handwritten internal order number. The order from workshop to warehouse is according to this number in view of its traceability.