Main acitivities

The main activity of the company is engineering, production and installation of steel structures and equipment for energy projects, chemical industry, metallurgy and gas distribution. Design, production, delivery, installation, repair and maintenance of large steel parts, metal structures, metallurgical equipment, energy and mining equipment. Construction and rehabilitation of industrial assets. Painting and application of anti-corrosion coating on details. Packaging, sale and delivery of special and technical gases.


Metalik AD - Stara Zagora was founded in 1978. In 1987 it has been transferred to Hraninvest- Stara Zagora. In 1997 the company "Dechko Kolev - IDA" bought 98% of the shares of the company. In November 2007 the ownership of "Dechko Kolev - IDA" was transferred to "METALIK" AD.

Production Capacities

The production facilities of Metalik AD encompasses 45,000 sq.m. in the industrial zone of Stara Zagora. The covered area is about 20,000 sq.m.
Production staff: 300 workers
The area of the warehouse is about 5,000 sq.m. as half of which are covered. All incoming materials are received with certificates and are stored with a handwritten internal order number. The order from workshop to warehouse is made from this number in view of its traceability.

Quality Control

Control activities: Visual Inspections and Penetration Testing are performed regularly by control and quality specialists. To control and verify the NDE production, the control activities are assigned to an independent certified laboratory (type C).